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Serving Those That Serve Us for Over 50 Years


Criterion Fire Station Flooring is one of the oldest epoxy / urethane flooring installers on the east coast and leading installer of fire station and commercial flooring and materials since 1973. 

Our mission is to install the safest, most durable
flooring systems available, while keeping perfection as
our goal and integrity as our guide. 

Heavy Duty Commercial Entry Way High Traffic VCT Tile

Entry Way Tile.jpg

Heavy Duty Commercial Apparatus Bay High Build Epoxy Flooring

chalfont ems.jpg

Heavy Duty Exercise Room Cri-Quartz 3000 Epoxy Flooring

blue granite cri-colored quartz 3000 blend.gif

Heavy Duty Commercial Office/Living Quarters High Traffic Carpet

Office Heavy Duty Carpet.jpeg

Heavy Duty Commercial Bathroom Ceramic Tile

Bathroom Ceramic Tile Flooring.jpeg

Heavy Duty Commercial Kitchen Quarry Tile

Kitchen Quarry Tile.jpg

Heavy Duty Commercial Recreation Room Hard Wood & Laminate

Recreation Hardwood_Laminate.jpg
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